Multichannel Hiring


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There are four phases to the Florian Mantione Institute personnel selection process:






A - Assessment

1. Study and analysis of the structure and of the position to be filled.

2. Definition of the job to be filled and the applicant profile.

3. Preparation of a document (job description) defining the structure, the position and the profile of the applicant.

4. Joint sourcing on the Internet to identify companies with potential candidates.

5. Joint elaboration of a list of companies with potential candidates and, if applicable, a list of names of potential candidates to be given preference or to avoid in the search.


B - Sourcing

6. Inclusion of this information on our website:

7. Implementation of our INTERNET RESOURCES PLAN (ads) with: (associated website) (associated website) (associated website) (associated website)


8. Advice on HR communication strategy: print media, specialized sites, etc.

9. Sourcing on the major employment websites, which together provide access to more than 16 million CVs: Florian Mantione Institut, Linkedin, Apec, Distrijob, Pole emploi (list subject to change).

10. Sending of the job description to a selection of candidates extracted from sourcing (which permits automatic elimination).

11. Receipt and classification of the CVs sent to the Florian Mantione Institute or any other affiliate.

12. Management of any applications sent by you.

13. Initial contact with potential candidates who are actively employed and receptive to a career change.

14. Request to potentially interested candidates to send CVs.


C - Selection

15. Selection of CVs by the consultant (eliminating candidates about whom there are significant reservations).

16. Sending of the application file to all potential candidates.

17. Telephone interviews or video-conferencing to verify key profile details of the potential candidates.

18. Appointment with the selected candidates for an interview.

19. In-depth interviews conducted by the consultant using a methodology established by the Florian Mantione Institute: consensual interview.

20. Performance of tests and self-evaluations of the candidates who continue to fit the profile: personality, abilities, reasoning and management style.

21. Preparation of the most complete dossier possible for each of the short-listed candidates:

  • Application files (detailing the training, professional experience and other additional information about the candidate)
  • Verification of references
  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Academic degrees
  • Employment records
  • Recent payslips
  • N-1 December payslip
  • Results of tests and self-evaluations

22. Introduction of the best candidates; joint interviews (superiors, candidates, consultant)

23. Joint debriefing and help with the decision

24. Hiring of the selected candidate by you


D - Integration and Guarantees

25. Hiring follow-up by the Florian Mantione Institute with 3 integration assessments (at the request of superiors)

26. Guarantee of our procedure for up to 2 years

27. Guarantee of resources: experts in HR since 1976, proximity of the consultant, extensive candidate database, knowledge of the sector and the power of an international network

28. Guarantee of effectiveness: report on the mission, presentation of suitable candidates, pledge to follow the hiring method described above



Database managing (28/11/2021) 215 793 updated CVs.



Florian MANTIONE has written several books on the selection of personnel, including ”How to Hire Talent: Skills or Potential? “We will be happy to give you a copy.


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